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OKwe all know that the Mac, especially with OS X, is a joy to use and, generally, easy to understand.

Now – you can get help …

when we wish to step into a new arena – digital photography, movie-making, creating music …

when there is a new development – an upgrade such as Tiger, or a new version of an old and trusted program, a new scanner

when a program or peripheral – printer, scanner, hard drive – doesn’t work

It is at times like these that we need more information than we can find from the usual sources, so come along to a MUG meeting where you’ll find a friendly welcome and probably solve your problem too!

The answer is here, turn to … Macintosh User Groups!

Throughout the UK and Ireland there are Groups of fellow Mac users of all levels of expertise, from raw beginner to practised and experienced experts. From these groups come invaluable assets and real help. Join a Group near you and find that you can to questions both simple and complex, you will hear about other Mac users’ experiences with new kit at first hand, you will get to know about useful programs and accessories, you will learn who are good suppliers but above all, you will find that you are amongst fellow enthusiasts, all talking the same language! Details of your nearest Macintosh User Group are overleaf. If there isn’t a MUG near you, we can advise you about how to set one up and put you in touch with other Mac users from your area.

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Scenes from a recent LMUG meeting