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… the home of all Macintosh User Groups in the UK and Ireland.


UK & Irish User Groups resources

Special offers available to User Group members macusersuk.org/offers/

Links to individual UK & Irish User Group pages macusersuk.org/mugs/

Our news feed (RSS) macusersuk.org/rss/rss.xml


UK news and reviews

Macworld magazine www.macworld.co.uk

MacUser magazine www.macuser.co.uk

MacFormat www.macformat.co.uk

iCreate www.icreatemagazine.com


Worldwide Apple User Groups resources

Apple's own User Groups site www.apple.com/usergroups

User Groups worldwide map www.frappr.com/macintoshusergroups

User Group Network News www.user-groups.net/news

The MUG Centre (US) www.mugcenter.com

Apple Groups TAGteam (US) www.applegroups.org

Apple User Groups Conference www.augc.net

Apple Insider User Group www.aimug.org

Apple User Group Advisory Board homepage.mac.com/ugab

Find a User Group (Apple) appleusergroups.com/locator/find/locate.cgi?online

France www.augfrance.com

Mac Europe www.maceurope.net